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The Tennis Advocate is a tennis website and media outlet that offers unique tennis news and views from around the world. It features professional writing talent and exclusive content that provides tennis fans and insiders with unique content and expert opinions from many different perspectives of the sport. The Tennis Advocate prides itself on being among the top tennis-related news outlets worldwide.

The Tennis Advocate (thetennisadvocate.com) is the destination for tennis fans and enthusiasts who want to keep up with breaking news, tournament recaps, live score, and tennis opinions. On top of this, tennis coaching and health lessons are another way The Tennis Advocate helps tennis fans around the world. 

Meet The Editor

Hi, my name is Isaiah Buse and I started The Tennis Advocate in 2019 to do what I love most, talk about tennis. Growing up in rural Missouri, I wasn’t truly introduced to the sport of tennis until the age of 14. Nevertheless, once my basketball team captain convinced me to play in the spring I was hooked. 

After two relatively successful years of tennis, I decided that I wanted to commit all of my time to the sport and earn a scholarship to play at the collegiate level. After many long days at the courts and crushing defeats that turned into lessons that helped me grow, I was finally offered a few scholarships to play collegiate tennis. 

Following a couple of campus visits, I finally decided that William Woods University in Fulton, Mo would be where I attended college. Thankfully, I was lucky enough to receive a full-ride academic scholarship from the university. 

And, this is where I am today, ready to move to Fulton, Mo and start the next chapter of my life. Although things will inevitably get busy, The Tennis Advocate will continue to be fluid and adapt to continue serving you. I sincerely thank every single reader for supporting The Tennis Advocate, it means the world to me. 

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