Ultimate Tennis Showdown 2: Day 3 Recap

UTS 2 Day 3 Recap

Richard Gasquet and Corentin Moutet would qualify for the Final Four, Fernando Verdasco would pull off a Tsitsipas-esque comeback, and much more on Day 3 of the Ultimate Tennis Showdown 2.

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UTS 2 Day 3 Results

Nicolas Mahut vs. Grigor Dimitrov

In his first match at the Ultimate Tennis Showdown, Nicolas Mahut would put up a good fight against Grigor Dimitrov. 

The first two quarters of their match would tight, with Dimitrov winning the first 14-11 and Mahut winning the second 15-13. Not much would change in the next two quarters, both Mahut and Dimitrov would fight for the victory. 

But, in the end, Dimitrov would win the next two quarters, 15-14 and 12-10, to take the match 14-11, 13-15, 15-14, 12-10. 


Benoit Paire vs. Corentin Moutet

In the first quarter of Corentin Moutet’s match against Benoit Paire, Moutet would defeat Paire 18-15 to take a one quarter lead. 

Following this, Moutet would win the second quarter 18-11. In the third quarter, Benoit Paire would retire with Moutet up 14-8, giving Moutet the 4-0 walkover victory. 

Sadly, for Dustin Brown, this would eliminate his chances of making the Final Four.


Fernando Verdasco vs. Dustin Brown

In the third match of the day, Fernando Verdasco and Dustin Brown would face-off in an amazing five quarter match. 

To start the match, Dustin Brown would win back-to-back quarters, 19-16 and 20-13. Still, Verdasco would battle back and win the next two quarters, 20-16 and 17-16, to force a decisive fifth quarter. 

In the decisive fifth quarter, Verdasco would win 2-1 to take the match 16-19, 13-20, 20-16, 17-16, 2-1, and complete the epic comeback.


Richard Gasquet vs. Feliciano Lopez

In a battle between two former top ATP players, Richard “The Virtuoso” Gasquet would have his way with Feliciano Lopez. 

Gasquet would take the first two quarters, 14-12 and 18-14, to take a commanding two quarter lead. 

Then, he would take the third quarter, 18-10, to secure the victory against Lopez. In the fourth quarter, Feliciano Lopez would finally take a quarter, 17-15. 

Still, Richard Gasquet would win the match 14-12, 18-14, 18-10, 15-17.

Felix Auger-Aliassime vs. Alexander Zverev

In a match between the top two seeds to decide the Final Four matches tomorrow, Felix Auger-Aliassime and Alexander Zverev would face-off. The winner of the match would get to decide their opponent, between Richard Gasquet and Corentin Moutet. 

Zverev would narrowly defeat Auger-Aliassime in the first quarter, 11-10, to take a one quarter lead. In the second quarter, despite Auger-Aliassime’s best efforts, Zverev would win 15-14. 

This would put the pressure on Auger-Aliassime in the third quarter. Nevertheless, Felix would show up big, defeating Zverev 14-12 in the third quarter. 

With a chance to take the match to a decisive fifth quarter, Auger-Aliassime would come up big against Zverev. Felix would win the quarter 14-11 to force the decisive fifth quarter. 

In the fifth quarter, Zverev would win 2-1 to take the match 11-10, 15-14, 12-14, 11-14, 2-1.


In the Final Four tomorrow, Felix Auger-Aliassime will play Richard Gasquet and Alexander Zverev will play Corentin Moutet.


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