Ultimate Tennis Showdown 2: Day 1 Recap

UTS 2 Day 1 Recap

Feliciano Lopez and Benoit Paire would start off on a good note, Richard “The Virtuoso” Gasquet would pick up a big win, and much more would happen on Day 1 of Ultimate Tennis Showdown 2.

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UTS 2 Day 1 Results

Feliciano Lopez vs. Alexei Popyrin

In the first match of the 2nd edition of the Ultimate Tennis Showdown, two first edition competitors, Feliciano Lopez and Alexei Popyrin, would face-off.

In the first quarter, Feliciano Lopez would defeat Popyrin easily, 17-8, to take a one quarter lead. In the second quarter, Popyrin would fight back and take a tight quarter, 19-11, to even the match.

The third quarter would be won by Lopez, 17-13, to put Popyrin’s back against the wall for the fourth quarter. In the fourth quarter, Lopez would win a thriller, 13-12, to take the match 17-8, 11-19, 17-13, 13-12.


Grigor Dimitrov vs. Richard Gasquet

In the second competition of the day, Richard Gasquet would get the better of Grigor Dimitrov early.

Gasquet would take the first two quarters from Dimitrov, 15-10 and 13-10, to take a commanding two quarter lead. In the third quarter, Gasquet would defeat Dimitrov, 14-11, to secure the match victory.

In the fourth quarter, Gasquet would only add injury to insult by defeating Dimitrov 18-10, to win the match 15-10, 13-10, 14-11, 18-10.


Benoit Paire vs. Dustin Brown

In a match between another pair of competitors from the first edition of the Ultimate Tennis Showdown, Benoit Paire would get off to a good start against Dustin Brown.

Paire would take the first two quarters 20-15 and 21-13 to gain a two quarter lead. In the third quarter, Brown would fight back and win 19-17 to keep his match hopes alive.

In the fourth quarter, Paire would win 21-15, to take the match 20-15, 21-13, 17-19, 21-15.


Corentin Moutet vs. Fernando Verdasco

What happens when a tornado and a fire meet head on? We would find out today during a match between Corentin “The Tornado” Moutet and Fernando “El Fuego” Verdasco.

In the first quarter, Moutet would handle Verdasco easily, defeating him 19-13 to take a one quarter lead. The second quarter would see Verdasco getting his first quarter win at Ultimate Tennis Showdown, winning 16-13, to tie the match at one quarter apiece.

In the third quarter, Verdasco would put the pressure on Moutet by winning 16-12, to make the fourth quarter a must win for Moutet.

In the fourth quarter, Moutet would win 16-13 to force a decisive fifth quarter. In the fifth quarter, Moutet would win 3-1 to take a comeback, 19-13, 13-16, 12-16, 16-13, 3-1, victory.


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