USTA Releases Statement Supporting The African-American Community

Due to current events, the USTA has released a statement in support of the African-American community and of their athletes.

After several opinions from American athletes such as Frances Tiafoe, Coco Gauff, and John Isner have come out, the USTA has decided to release an official statement.

The statement reads:

Tennis is a sport that embraces all players, regardless of age, race or religion, gender and sexual orientation or nationality. It is a sport that is built on respect—respect for one another, and for the game itself. It is a sport with a long history of striving for equality and a proven record of trying to level the playing field of opportunity.

This was an important statement for the USTA to make, to come right out and show their support for equality in the sport. They would go on to show their support specifically for the African-American community.

At the USTA, we challenge ourselves daily to embody the core values of inclusion and respect, and we challenge all Americans to do the same. The African-American community is an integral part of our tennis family, and the USTA stands unwaveringly against racism and injustice of any kind. We know that African-Americans have faced extraordinary hardships during our country’s history, and we are extremely disappointed, angry, and heartbroken that this community—and other communities of color—still face these agonizing and inexcusable hardships and dangers.

Following this, they would speak specifically on recent incidents that have occurred in the African-American community and further their stance against these actions.

With an overwhelming sense of sorrow, we recognize this as unjust. Generations of tennis players have been inspired by the examples set by Althea Gibson, Arthur Ashe, Billie Jean King and many more, who were instrumental in removing barriers to fairness and justice by epitomizing tolerance, inclusion and respect.

The USTA encourages all of us to reflect on the message and legacy of the exemplars of our sport to listen to the African-American community; and together seek answers that heal our communities. It is time to engage with our friends and colleagues of color, and to stand in solidarity with them. We know that these efforts are simply not enough, but as we consider our humanity and the humanity of all, we hope it is a strong beginning.

The Tennis Advocate encourages you to stand up for your rights during these times but to never stand on another’s.

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