Fabio Fognini Underwent Surgery Today

After struggling with ankle issues for a long time, Fabio Fognini finally underwent surgery today.

On Saturday, in a post on Twitter, Fabio Fognini told fans that he would be undergoing surgery on both of his ankles. Here is how the post read:

“Hi everyone, I’ve been having a problem with my left ankle for three and a half years now, it’s an issue I’ve learnt to cope with. Then my right ankle started playing up in the past two years as well. I had hoped the various issues would go away during my two months break from the game because of the lockdown but, when I resumed training, they were still there. After medical examination and a long discussion with my team, I decided to have arthroscopic surgery on both ankles. I believe it’s the right thing to do while the Tour is on this enforced break. I will undergo surgery in Italy today. I can’t wait to be back playing again! I know you will support me. A big hug to all of you! Fabio”

Later in the day, Fognini posted on his Twitter with a message to fans saying, “Thanks for all your messages.” We are glad that surgery went well and we hope to see Fabio back on court soon. Recovery from the surgery Fognini underwent usually takes about 2-4 months.

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