Andy Murray Could Return To Tennis In June

Despite an extended leave from tennis due to hip complications during the Davis Cup Final, Andy Murray is set to return to competitive play in June.

Andy’s brother, doubles champion Jamie Murray, has began to organize a national tournament in Great Britain that Andy intends to compete in. In addition to this tournament, the LTA (Lawn Tennis Association) has announced that they plan to host a series of British Tour events.

Both of these events are tentatively planned to take place in June and July and would be Andy’s first competitive match since November 2019. Hopefully, with the return of national events in Britain, competition will become more fierce and the nation will begin to compete at the highest level again.

As for how Andy Murray will compete, nobody can be sure of how his hip will handle another return to tennis. But, with complications after nearly every attempt to return, getting back to the top of the game seems like a tall task for Murray.

Still, if anybody can do it, it is the strong-willed Murray. We wish him the best in his return and can’t wait to see one of our favorite players back on the courts.

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