$6 Million Fund Created For Struggling Tennis Players

The ATP, WTA, ITF, and the 4 Grand Slam tournaments have joined forces to create a $6 million fund for struggling tennis players.

This fund has been created in the midst of tour suspensions lasting until at least July 13. Due to this and COVID-19, so far, 800 players have been chosen as potential recipients.

In terms of equality of payment, the ATP and WTA will both receive equal amounts of money and will be in charge of distributing it. How much a player receives will depend heavily on their previous performances and how well they likely would have played.

“The Player Relief Program will target a total of approximately 800 ATP/WTA singles and doubles players collectively, in need of financial support.”

“Eligibility for the Player Relief Program will take into account a player’s ranking as well as previous prize money earnings according to criteria agreed by all stakeholders.”

“The creation of the Player Relief Program is a positive demonstration of the sport’s ability to come together during this time of crisis.”

“We will continue to collaborate and monitor the support required across tennis with the aim of ensuring the long-term health of the sport in the midst of this unprecedented challenge to our way of life, and our thoughts remain with all those affected at this time.”

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