Alex De Minaur Is The Perfect Tennis Player According To Reilly Opelka

With tennis currently on pause, the social media world has taken on the challenge of filling the void, and Reilly Opelka has come to entertain. Or has he?

As part of a slew of social media challenges, the “Build Me Your Perfect Tennis Player” trend has been a very popular one. In this challenge, you can choose different player’s skill sets from all generations to make one “complete” player. However, doing so can cause a lot of controversy. For example, here are Mardy Fish’s answers:

However, rising American tennis star, Reilly Opelka chose to go about this quit differently.

Maybe this was perceived as a joke by De Minaur who replied, “You are an idiot!!!” And, although Opelka was most likely joking, I think there is a hint of truth behind his actions.

Although De Minaur doesn’t have the fastest serve on tour, it’s sneaky fast and he hits his spots often and the same goes for his groundstrokes. His return game is phenomenal, he is great at the net, his movement is unmatched, and his mental toughness is on another level.

This might be the playful American just wanting to lighten everyone’s day, but he might actually be on to something here.

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