The Tennis Advocate Podcast Transcript – Ep. 01

Hello fellow Tennis Advocates, my name is Isaiah Buse and this is The Tennis Advocate Podcast.

This is an intro to let you guys know who I am, why I decided to start this podcast, and what you should expect from this podcast.

Let’s start with who I am. If you already read The Tennis Advocate, then you may know a little about me already. But, if you don’t, my name is Isaiah Buse and I am a passionate, outspoken tennis journalist who will be playing collegiate tennis starting next Fall. 

I started The Tennis Advocate’s website to provide you with the latest tennis news, while also providing my opinion on tennis-related topics. With the addition of this podcast, hopefully, more audio inclined people will be able to keep up with the latest tennis news. 

So, why am I starting this podcast? Why even bother when there are bigger names in better places with much larger audiences? That’s simple, I have something unique to say and I think you want to hear it. And, I don’t mean that to brag or to sound like I have a huge ego, I just think tennis fans around the world deserve a new voice. 

I don’t want to stay surface level with any of the latest tennis news, I want to provide you with an in-depth view on every topic. Unlike large tennis corporations, I don’t have a list of opinions I can’t have or lines I can’t cross. If something is going on that I think you deserve to hear about, I will call it like I see it. 

This leads me into what you should expect from this podcast. You can expect to hear The Tennis Advocate a couple times a month, depending on my schedule and what is going on in the world of tennis. Sometimes it may be more often and sometimes it may be less, but I promise to always deliver quality episodes. I will never post a podcast that I didn’t put 110% effort into, just to get one out. 

Thank you for listening to The Tennis Advocate Podcast, my name is Isaiah Buse and you can follow me on Twitter and Facebook at The Tennis Advocate. Also, make sure to check out the website That’s, all lowercase, no spaces. See you next time.

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