Stream Sports Free: How to Choose the Best Sites + Our Top 3

Like you, we have discovered how fun it is to stream sports from anywhere in the world. Likewise, we love to strike a good deal – especially one as good as not even paying a dime to get into all those games that we so love to watch.

However, we have come to find out that the freebies are not always great. Don’t get us wrong: we have a collection of services that offer us free sports, but not all the services out there are who they say they are.

Thus, we have put together the things to look out for when choosing free sports streaming websites – and the ones we love to use too.

Choosing the Right Free Streaming Sites

Let’s get right to it, shall we?

  • Source – some of the best free sports streaming websites have created an extensive catalog of licensed, third-party right holders who can show some of the season games for free. However, the bad ones will go with illegal streams of the games. It needs no telling that you should go with the former pick
  • Ads – when something is free, it means that they should make their money somewhere else. This does not mean that the ads should ruin your experience though. If the ads are too much for you, you can get other free streaming platforms with minimal to no ads at all.
  • Trust – you should be able to trust the platform you are streaming your games from. Untrustworthy services will usually attract ads from fellow untrustworthy companies and brands, putting your data in peril. Likewise, a trusted website will do all it can to ensure your security whenever you are using its service
  • Reach – believe it or not, but you might not be able to watch the games just because of your location. That is why we recommend getting a platform that does not have global restrictions or supports your region. Otherwise, you can still enjoy the games on those exclusive platforms when you use a VPN to stream your games instead.
  • User interface – above all other things, we love a fine user interface. If we are being redirected all the time, can’t find something in time or must go through hoops to get something simple done, best believe we are dumping such a service.

Our Top Picks So Far

Now that you know everything we look out for when selecting a free sports streaming service, how about we treat you to an exclusive list of our finest?

  • WatchESPN – although not available to those outside the US (unless you use a VPN), WatchESPN is one of the best places to get any of your games for free. Note that you can’t get all the games on the service since they will only show the ones that they have rights to without charge.
  • Laola1 – born in Austria, this German-based platform has opened its doors to the rest of the world. It is better than WatchESPN in being able to offer an even bigger range of games and sports content for free, so you can try your luck here. Fortunately, English is the second and only other language supported besides German. This means they can reach a large audience – but not large enough for those not speaking either language 
  • Streamwoop – if you are not a big fan of European games but love American sports, you will feel right at home with Streamwoop. Thus, we recommend them for all the NBA, NFL, NBA and more. Besides showing the games, they also offer instant replays, commentary and live competitions to spice up the experience. Unless they fix it soon, though, you might not feel at home with the user interface of this streaming service.


There are a lot more of these legitimate, free sports streaming services out there. You can also try them out to create your list of top picks so that you can always alternate between them for different sports. 

Remember that you can always use a VPN to get behind the geo-blocking attempts if they are proving too stubborn.

That said, let the games begin!

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