Thirty30 Tennis: The Future Of Tennis Scoring

The World Is Evolving, Tennis Should Too

Tennis is one of the most-watched sports on the planet, arousing passions, pride and a boundless attachment for players and fans alike. It is a great way to spend your free time playing or admiring it on TV. Nothing surpasses living intensely in the moments of the suspense of the most important matches on the ATP or WTA tour.

However, tennis has never been well received by action-craving viewers. This is because of the moments that are not very exciting for the audience or viewers. It is about the first few games in a set, games that precede the decisive moments for the fate of a match. In addition to this, all-time greats such as Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Pete Sampras, Serena Williams, and Steffi Graf have mentioned that tennis could improve by changing its scoring system. (By changing the 15-30-40 format, the number of games in a set, etc…).

These arguments lead to the immediate need for the evolution of tennis. Shorter formats are certainly becoming more appealing and it’s clear that there seems to be a need to speed up the game. Alternative scoring methods must appear more often, being considered true ways of adapting tennis to the demands of the modern world.

The Solution: Thirty30 Tennis

Thirty30 Tennis is one of the most appreciated and entertaining variants of tennis. It is a format that has become very popular among tennis lovers.

Thirty30 Tennis is a shortened format of tennis. It stands out in the eyes of tennis lovers due to some special rules:

  • Each game starts from the score of 30-30 (i.e. “thirty-thirty” = “Thirty30” – the clue is in the name), thus creating a predominant state of suspense that makes both players and fans’ hearts tremble. 
  • The tie-break at 6 games all is played up to 5 points, requiring increased concentration from the players and making the points exciting all the way through.
  • The decisive set is played without a tie-break. 
  • During the match, players alternate who serves first at the start of each set.

Additionally, a mandatory component of each match is the change of ends. This happens so that players are on equal terms for things such as sun, wind, and noise. During a set, players alternate serving games and only change ends initially after two games. Then, after every four games and at the end of each set, they exchange sides. (i.e. change of ends is after games 2,6 and 10).

A set of Thirty30 tennis takes in general no longer than twenty minutes to complete. This results in a best-of-3-sets match being completed in 40-60 minutes and best-of-5-sets in 60-90 minutes. Who else likes the sound of that?

Thirty30 Tennis = Shorter Matches = More Matches = More Opponents = More Fun

The main advantage of this tennis format is that it makes the sport much more entertaining. The matches are shorter, more spectacular, and the audience is always kept in suspense. Players who have tried the Thirty30 Tennis format said that this change is beneficial for tennis as it will attract more people to the sport.

Also, the shorter duration of matches will allow tournaments to have a larger number of players in the draws than they do now. This will make tennis a more accessible and visible sport all around the world. Thus, one of the biggest problems of today’s tennis is being fought: the players ranked outside the Top 100 have the chance to make more money. This will allow more young players to chase their tennis dreams.

For more details on Thirty30 Tennis, this format is widely discussed at There you can find detailed information about the rules and how this format is progressing. Also, for those who want to try Thirty30, there are various scoring sheets available for download.

Thirty30 is also active on social media. You can contact the page to give your opinion or to ask for clarification on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn. They also have a YouTube channel that we invite you to subscribe to.

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Thirty30 Tennis – Where EVERY Point Really Counts!

Thirty30 Tennis – FEELS, LOOKS, & SOUNDS Like Traditional Tennis!

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